Thursday, August 9, 2012

RedNeck Shopping Finnished

We'll I just uploaded our newest side Cartoon. RSN is about the Character seen in the BoB Fat Asains episode. The is the disgusting girl that works at McDonalds, that Cody falls for.

And this is what she imagines at work.

Small for a Jewish Offspring

Remember the movie Thor, well Joshua is Lokie.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Redneck Shopping Network

     I just finished animating a small side cartoon that I might experiment with further. "The Redneck Shopping Network". It is the same style as "Beans on the Block" and is in the same universe. It is a show hosted  by Darleen, who is shown in the latest "BoB" episode (Ep. 3 Fat Asian; Self Help). But I'll let the video explain more. It will upload it next week on 8/9.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Making a Render Farm.

With the creation of the “Third episode of Beans on the Block” and the problems with rendering it, I will be creating my own render farm to slave over our Beans on the Block episodes and future projects.
I decided I wanted to do this after a very horrible predicament. As I talked about in the last blog, the third episode had a new element to it. There was a fully 3D scene that took place in a McDonalds like restaurant. There are a lot of reflective surfaces, transparent glass, complex lighting, and ambient occlusion. And this one scene was 2610 frames with playback of 24 frames a second.
Now when I was finished with all the animation and audio, I began to render. And with Blender’s slow internal renderer, it was rendering for 30 plus hours. And this entire time my quadcore computer was at 100% CPU. To make it worse, My computer decided to do maintenance work and reboot while I was sleeping, corrupting the file, leaving me with nada.
And so I think I have come to a rational decision to steal all my friends computer towers and make them unwilling slaves to do my bidding.

Right now as I gather computers, I am rendering the episode, in very small portions, so it should be up soon. And from now on, 3D scenes will be saved for special occasions.