Monday, February 16, 2015

Alien Bang Bang Mobile Review

       It always feels wonderful to think that people read your incessant yammering on the late night internet. Every time we are approached with another game in the interest of getting in exposure, I am thrilled a the prospect. So when GameChanger approached us with their title, Alien Bang Bang, I immediately picked up my phone and headed over to the Google App Store. That's right ladies and gentlemen, this one is on your phone. Meant to be played on the go or discretely while at work, mobile gaming is surging to ever greater heights; and sadly with no way of recording, it is the only reason I don't have a First Look video posted for the game. In the absence on gameplay footage I will, as always, do my best to give a good idea of what the game is about.

       Jumping right into it, GameChanger takes every opportunity to tell us that the principal design of this game is supposed to invoke a retro feel in its appearance and gameplay. Rest assured they did exactly that in it development. As an avid arcade goer, as much in my early childhood as today, I have wonderful memories of using every coin I could get my hands on to stand in front of a cabinet playing Galaga or Space Invaders; and it is those wonderful memories that encouraged my excitement about playing Alien Bang Bang. Once I started playing I recognized at once the similarity to Galaga and couldn't help but smile. Playing the spiritual successor to classic titles always carries with it a bit of nostalgia and warmth.

       Considering the game is of a simpler sort and meant to be played on a cell phone, the controls are quite simple but no less intuitive. Tilt the phone left to move the ship left, and tilt right will of course guide you right. Tap the screen to shoot your ships primary munition. I do hope I haven't lost anyone. You progress through areas, each containing four levels of enemies that queue up and take it in turns to try and bring you down; culminating in a fifth level containing the equivalent of a boss fight. It is an easy to follow layout from the far reaches of gaming history that fits perfectly for mobile gaming when intense focus may not always be available. Like when you are at work playing the game under a desk and the hair on your neck stands up as a chill runs down your spine, chasing away any semblance of comfort. You glance over just in time to see a co worker look away, but you can't be sure if they saw you playing a video game under your desk and almost desperately hope that they did see that, rather then interpret your sub-desk attention as something more unwholesome....

       Iffy working habits aside, I only have one hang up about this game at all when it comes down to it, micro transactions. That's it, the one thing that seems to be deeply intertwining with every mobile game, browser game and many others. I won't gripe about it if the developer makes the noble decision not to withhold content until the transactions are paid. Quite frankly, if you are into games that are centered around the small exchanges, then I consider it your problem. Thankfully Alien Bang Bang holds up perfectly fine with my having ever spent a cent. I have been able to make it quite far in the game at the time of writing and look forward to playing more.

       Now comes that final paragraph where I regard very deeply my gameplay experience as a whole, and consider my every integrity when deciding whether or not I should recommend you spending your time and in some cases money on the game at hand. In the case of Alien Bang Bang, you most definitely should. It is charming retro recall game about defending our galaxy from aliens, what more do you need? I know our galaxy needs you, so hope to it.